Activities & Services

The main objectives of FEFPEB are:
  1. Determination and representation of the interests of the European wooden pallet and packaging industry;
  2. To ensure that wooden pallets and packaging meet the required quality standards. Wood is the best and environmentally most friendly material for pallets and packaging.
  3. To safeguard and promote wooden pallets and packaging and timber as the preferred raw material for pallets and packaging and to improve the competitiveness of the industry;
  4. To facilitate reciprocal contacts within the industry and contribute to an improvement of the market conditions and growth in productivity;
  5. To take part in research work, tests and other (innovative) activities for the benefit of the industry both technically and economically;
  6. Internal and external communication about the industry of wooden pallets and packaging;
  7. Exchange of information between the members and facilitating reciprocal contacts;
  8. Contacts with national, supranational authorities and partners in the worldwide woodworking industries.

These objectives are realised by FEFPEB by the following activities and services:

  • Promoting Wood as the most economic and environmentally friendly material for transport and packaging through the Packaging From Nature Campaign;
  • A congress for all members and stakeholders annually; A full scale congress every other year where all global stakeholders in the industry are present;
  • Timber Pallet Price Indices quarterly in which the wood prices of several countries are being compared;
  • The establishment of a section for each type of wooden packaging with meetings on a regular basis;
  • Representing the interests of wooden packaging through meetings with European stakeholders, drawing reports, notes and engaging in research and development;
  • The representation of the industry in all relevent matters at international meeting and through international organisation, such as the EU and its institutions and other relevant organisations as CEI Bois, CWPCA and NWPCA;
  • PR & communication by means of press releases, digital newsletters, circulars, factsheets and an interactive website.

FEFPEB is representing the interests of the European wooden pallets and packaging industry by Lobbying, Networking, Research and Communication