FEFPEB processes the date of its members. This can involve personal data. Personal data are data that identifies or enables the identification of a person, e.g. a name or an email address. These personal data are processed by FEFPEB with the utmost care whereby the requirements resulting from the Data Protection Act are taken into account. This privacy statement outlines the purposes for which the personal data is processed and what the rights of the persons involved are.

Purposes of processing

The processing of (personal) data will be conducted as part of the normal activities of a foundation/association/complaints procedure/register. This includes the member administration, the collection of contribution, the sending of information to members and/or beneficiaries, notifying information regarding the persons involved and activities of the foundation/association on its website, the settling of disputes, the audit by an accountant, other internal management activities, the processing of complaints, the updating of the register and any other activities. Same personal data can also be processed by FEFPEB on the basis of a legal requirement. Personal data are not forwarded to third parties unless permission thereto has been provided, if the forwarding is a necessary requirement in the performance of an agreement or on the basis of a legal obligation.

And finally FEFPEB can process the name and email address of the persons involved if people complete the contact form on the website.

Keeping of data

FEFPEB keeps the personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing. In the event of an association or foundation. lf the membership is terminated, personal data are removed no later than two years after termination. Same personal data must be kept langer by law, e.g. for the purposes of providing information to the tax authorities. In that case FEFPEB will keep the relevant personal data as long as required by law.


A number of visitor data, cookies are collected upon visiting the website of FEFPEB. Cookies are small files placed on the computer, telephone or tablet by the provider of a website for the purposes of collecting information on the visit to the website. FEFPEB uses cookies to continually improve the site or for statistica! purposes. These cookies include information that cannot be retraced to an individual.

lf no cookies are accepted following the notification during the first visit or via most browsers, no cookies are saved. We refer to the 'Help' section of the web browser if you do not wish to allow cookies, other than via notification on the website.


FEFPEB regularly sends (digital) newsletters to the persons whose data it processes. This always include an option to unsubscribe. A request to unsubscribe can always be sent to

Rights of the persons involved

The persons involved can request an overview of the personal data processed by FEFPEB. lf it becomes apparent after viewing that the relevant data is incomplete or incorrect, or cannot legally be processed, then the persons involved can request that this data is changed, shielded or removed. Requests to this effect can be sent to or FEFPEB / P.O Box 4076, 5004 JB Tilburg.
lncoming requests are processed and answered as soon as possible, but no later than within four weeks.

This privacy statement can be changed. The most recent version of this privacy statement can always be viewed on this page. Last amended on 21 July 2017.