FEFPEB knows three different memberships

1. Full Members

FEFPEB consists of a membership of Full Members which are the national associations of wooden pallet and packaging manufacturers, repairers of traders of European countries.

The major European countries are a member of FEFPEB: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Hungary.
The membership of the national associations is made up of companies engaged in the manufacture of wooden pallets and packaging.

2. Associated Members

There are also Associate Members - individuals, companies or associations, not directly or solely engaged in the manufacture and/or repairing of pallets and wooden packaging and the industry of packaging, but who are involved in the industry, for example suppliers of machines and equipment and technical experts.

3. Pallet Pools

FEFPEB also has a membership category for pallet pools. Pallet pools members of FEFPEB can be closed or open pools. Closed pools are commercial pan-European companies whose pallets are monitored, managed and ownbed by the pool operator. Open pools are cross-sector open pallet exchange pools delivering pallet specifications and quality assurance programmes and manufacturing of new pallets and pallet repair or pallet logistic services. The major European pallet pools (EPAL, CHEP, LPR, IPP Logipal and PRS) all belong to FEFPEB, which together own or regulate more than billion timber pallets worldwide.

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