Committees & Organisation

T&P Committee

The Technical & Policy Committee is the highest tier of FEFPEB’s structure.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee acts as board, preparing strategy and policy, coordinating the activities and handling the day-to-day business.

  • President (pallets), Rob van Hoesel (The Netherlands)
  • Vice-President I (pallets), Michaël Modugno (France)
  • Vice-President II (pallets), Dieter Lämmle (Germany)
  • Treasurer (pallets), Gil Covey (UK)
  • Member (industrial packaging), Paola Riva (Italy)
  • Member (lightweight packaging), Jean-Luc Baley (France)
  • Member (pallet pools), Roeland Moens (Belgium)
  • Secretary General, Fons Ceelaert (The Netherlands)


FEFPEB has its secretariat in the Netherlands.

For more information don't hesitate to contact us via

  • Secretary General: Fons Ceelaert
  • Deputy Secretary General: Rick Bollen
  • Secretary: Renske Paus


  • Section Pallets
    The section pallets deals with all the developments and opportunities in the industry of wooden pallets. Among other things, the section is involved in research and development, software design and innovations.
  • Section Industrial Packaging (IP)
    The Industrial Packaging section deals with subjects within the industrial and export packaging industry. This section meets on an ad-hoc basis, and mainly in conjunction with a Technical and Policy Committee meeting. A.o FEFPEB Section IP has developed minimum requirements (describing the minimum requirements of industrial packaging) and a database of all industrial packagers in many European countries. More information can be found on
  • Section Light Weight Packaging (LWP)
    The section LWP is concentrated on the interests of Light Weight Packaging, under which:
    - EU regulation wood into contact with foodstuffs
    - EU regulation on Operative programmes
  • Section pools (open and closed)
    The section Pallet Pools is concerned with enhancing the position of the open and closed pallet pools.


  • PR Committee
    The objectives of the PR-committee include the promotion of timber packaging, the visibility of FEFPEB and to share news and knowledge about the European wooden packaging industry between members and with users and stakeholders in the industry. The PR-committee meets on a regular basis and deals with press releases, newsletters, the website and social media. Moreover, FEFPEB’s Campaign “Packaging From Nature” to communicate the benefits of wood in pallets and packaging is driven by the PR-committee.
  • Task Force ISPM 15
    The task force ISPM 15 keeps an eye on the developments of the ISPM (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) 15 on the Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade. The task force remains focused on possible improvements of the standard and requirements.
  • Congress Committee
    A full FEFPEB congress is held once every two years, hosted by rotation to one of the organisation’s national European association members, with a smaller congress held in the alternate year.
  • WG Sustainability & Certification
    To promote and support a growing percentage of certified timber (PEFC / FSC combined) used in the manufacturing and repairing of Wood packaging materials.
  • Task Force PPWR
    To analyse and develop advocacy policy related to the new draft Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, in conjunction with the membership activities on the level of national government, colleague trade organisations, European Parliament, European Council, European Commission (involved DG’s).

Who is Who

To see an overview of all the members in the FEFPEB committees, please click here.