'Fragile' is a five-minute film that highlights the advantages related to the use of wood in general and for transport and packaging in particular.

The film concentrates on several advantages for the environment. The attention for our fragile climate and the conclusion that action has to be taken has not only received widespread media attention, but more and more companies are taking responsibility to contribute to this important matter. One simple way for companies to act is to use wooden pallets and packaging for transport. Wood is the only raw material that is sustainable, naturally renewable - and the use of one m3 of wood saves 0,8 ton of CO2. Europe’s 450 million pallets alone save 13 million tonnes of CO2. Wooden pallets and packaging can be reused, repaired and recycled. At the end of the life cycle their energy can be recovered. Wooden pallets and packaging not only help to preserve our fragile climate, they adds to the social responsibility of the company using them as well.

The film also points out other benefits of using wood in packaging and transport. Wood is naturally antibacterial and when (heat) treated according to ISPM 15 can be used for transport all over the world. In comparison with other materials it has a low fire hazard and is more hygienic than, for example, plastics. By the use of pallet pools and a pallet design system, logistics can be optimised.


The flash film ‘Fragile’ is, next to English, available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch

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